Team Collaboration

At Fuzed we have thought about collaboration holistically. From recognizing that people tend to share with groups, one on one with one person, with the entire company or even save information in a private knowledge repositories, Fuzed has you covered. When working in teams, people can use a variety of content creation tools to facilitate the sharing of ideas, thoughts and information. Using tools like collaborative tagging and knowledge mapping, collaboration takes on a completely different meaning with Fuzed. Where relevancy and immediacy are valued.

One of the benefits of having groups is the inherent potential in collective feedback from members of any groups. To facilitate collecting feedback and engaging groups, Fuzed provides extensive surveys, assessments and forms functionality.

Explore the various ways how teams can take collaboration to the next level. See various capabilities and scroll down for descriptions and screenshots.

Fuzed provides a digital complement to the rich relationships people build and maintain in the physical workplace. From saving information privately for later use or reflection, sharing with the entire organization, sharing with groups private or public and even a one on one activity stream with trusted contacts, Fuzed offers a rich ecosystem to connect and share with.

  • Private – Save interesting information in a private space just for yourself. To save something just for you just type “Private”
  • Public – Share with all members of a Fuzed Network. To share information with the entire Fuzed Network just start typing “Public News Feed”
  • Contact – Share with a contact one on one and access the activity with one person by clicking on their name. To share anything with a contact or group, start typing the name of the contact. Fuzed will automatically display names of matching contacts or groups
  • Group- Share with a group of members in Fuzed. To share anything with a contact or group, start typing the name of the group. Fuzed will automatically display names of matching contacts or groups. There are three types of groups in Fuzed :
    • Private – Only invited members can see and access a private group and its activity
    • Public – Any member of the Fuzed Network can find this group in the group directory, view activities and will be able to request membership in this group
    • Open – Non Members of the Fuzed Network can see this group and its activity. Non members will be able to request membership to this Fuzed Network and this group.

Share any web page with others in Fuzed using the Fuzed Bookmarklet

Share a tweet with others in Fuzed

Share an article or a blog from your Google RSS feed right in Fuzed

Search BING in Fuzed and share search results with others

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