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Fuzed connects people to the right experts, ideas and relevant information that helps them get tasks done faster and more accurately. People can create and share rich individual profiles that surface in context to others at the right time. With ability to collaborate within groups, with just one person or the entire company, people can stay engaged and productive. Detailed notification settings and powerful subscription capabilities allow people to tailor how much or how little they want to participate at any given time.

Fuzed lets people add multiple roles that they may have performed so others can get a sense of their accomplishments within the organization. People can also add their LinkedIn and Twitter profiles so colleagues can get to know a broader view. Adding expertise and interests as tags makes people surface in relevant topics that others may be exploring. People can also pin information that interests them to their profile. Others will be able to view a holistic view when they visit a members profile.

When exploring another members profile, explore that persons subscribers, their activity shared with the entire company, their endorsements and public groups that they belong to. Fuzed also gives one click access to things in common from a dedicated Activity Stream between the two people and groups that they both belong to.

Member profile in Fuzed

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