Private Messaging

In contrast to One on One Contact sharing where Fuzed provides the ability to manage a network of contacts and activities with them, private messages in Fuzed allow the exchange of private email like messages with one or more members of the Fuzed Network that may not be a contact.

Fuzed messages have been designed with social in mind. Here are a few characteristics about Fuzed messages :

  • A dedicated Activity Stream for Messages. The Messages Stream shows the latest conversation or the latest reply to a previous conversation right on top. The Messages Stream shows the latest two activities for a message with a more detailed view available.
  • Reply ALL to messages.
  • Fuzed messages provide easy access to people identity and history by giving access to that members profile in Fuzed.
  • Organize messages by tagging and connecting related information. Click on a tag to see all related messages.
  • Attach a file or a link to a message or a reply to a message.
  • One of the challenges with email messages is the lack of deeper collaboration around content attached in emails. Content attached to messages in Fuzed can be shared with groups, other contacts and can be collaborated upon further.
  • Desktop Notification supports messages which allows you to respond to messages right from the notification pop up without having to go to Fuzed.

Private messages stream in Fuzed

Content attached to messages can be shared with others in Fuzed easily

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