Integrated Applications

Fuzed makes it easy to share information from other applications. Simply click on the “Apps” menu and select the app of interest. Once information from the app is visible in Fuzed, people can share information from that app with groups and contacts or save the information for private use at a later time. Contributing to a Knowledge Map is also very easy. If information visible in an app, triggers association with some other information, people can connect the two information together to enhance the Knowledge Map. Now instead of more sharing, it’s adding information as context. The list of apps available to members of a Fuzed Network is controlled by the Fuzed administrator.

Let’s face it. Social Media applications have become an important source of information. From news, research, industry information, influencers, customers and partners waiting to be heard, employees are counting on Social Media as an important information source. The challenge is how to meaningfully share the nuggets of information with others or more importantly add these nuggets as context to other information. Fuzed lets people connect their favorite social media application right inside of Fuzed. People can easily share information with others right from Fuzed or contribute information from social media applications to the Knowledge Map of existing information.

Twitter – Connect a Twitter account with Fuzed and get access to tweets of all the people that you follow instantly as they happen. Under every tweet, people have option to Save the tweet privately to access it later, share the tweet with a contact or a group within Fuzed or add the tweet to a knowledge map of an existing information.

LinkedIn – By connecting a LinkedIn account with Fuzed, see LinkedIn feeds and contacts right within Fuzed. Want to share a contact with a group or contact in Fuzed? That’s easy! Just click on share and share a contact from LinkedIn

Facebook – Connect your Facebook account with Fuzed and get access to the Facebook News Feed right within Fuzed. Save a post privately just for yourself.

Share a tweet with others in Fuzed

View LinkedIn Feed, connections and groups in Fuzed and share any information from LinkedIn with others in Fuzed

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