Fuzed Desktop Notification Beta

The Fuzed Desktop Notification Beta alerts people of activity as it happens in their Fuzed network right on the desktop. This reduces the need to switch to Fuzed while people are working in other productivity applications. Rather than just providing a notification for an activity like most applications, the notifications from Fuzed are actionable. The Fuzed notification pop up lets you take action right inside the notification pop up. The actions that you can take in the notification pop up are activity sensitive. For example, if the notification is for a poll that is shared, respond to the poll right from the notification or if the notification is for a new message, reply to the message right in the notification itself.

Fuzed Desktop Notification allows people to contribute knowledge instantly while focusing on the task at hand. People can control when they receive desktop notifications based on their engagement need and pause notifications as needed. Desktop notification configuration lets people be very detailed on when they should be notified :

  • Activity from specific groups
  • Activity from specific contacts
  • Activity on information and people subscribed to previously
  • Public News Feed
  • Messages and responses to messages
  • When the person is mentioned by others

Fuzed Desktop Notification Beta app is available for download for Microsoft Windows Operating System. Sign up for your own Fuzed Network before using the desktop app.

Desktop Notification that allows people to take action right in the notification pop up

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