Fuzed Analytics

Fuzed Analytics identify a set of members and/or groups within the Fuzed Network to engage more deeply using Ads and Private Messages. Analytics from Fuzed are a key source in understanding trends and patterns highlighting potential opportunities or risks emerging within your community. While Ads are displayed to the member when they visit your Fuzed Network, private messages provide a means of one on one engagement and allow attachments and inclusion of links to support your message.

  • Ever wonder whose knowledge, insight or experience others value the most? Fuzed aggregates how people respond to questions and how those responses are viewed by others. Analyze at a group level or at a question level to get a deeper appreciation for the key people within the enterprise.
  • Network analytics in Fuzed are available for the entire network at an aggregate level or for every group within Fuzed. For every analytical view, Fuzed provides information for the last 30 days, last 7 days and the current day. Following views are available:
    • Trending Groups identifies Groups that have the highest number of activity with list of most active members available with a single click.
    • Trending Content identifies popular content across the entire Fuzed Network and within specific groups. Popular content is based on a number of factors like number of activities, ratings and connections made to that content
    • Trending keywords identifies and tracks tags that are used throughout the application
    • Trending Members are identified for specific communities or for the entire Network based on activity performed in the network
  • Survey Analytics identifies members based on responses to every question in a survey. Survey Analytics are by far the best method for getting instant feedback from your community while also identifying people who don’t provide feedback or how long it takes for people to provide feedback. Analyze Rating Scale questions as well as free form text. Clicking on any response provides the member information for those members that gave that response at a given time.
  • Assessments analytics like surveys provide insight into the various responses for a given assessment. Understand the gaps in people’s awareness based on incorrect responses to specific questions and come up with a plan to close those gaps. Knowing whether all the relevant people are ready when you launch your next product or service is no longer a mystery!
  • Poll Analytics identifies members based on responses to polls. Polls shown represent polls shared across all groups, contacts and in public. As Administrators, the results of all polls are available from Fuzed Analytics. This allows Administrators to truly understand community sentiment. In addition to responses, Administrators can see who already has and who has yet to respond to a poll.

Analyzing Questions

Analyzing response to members answers

Survey Analytics

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