Fuzed Administration

Fuzed allows more than one administrator for a Fuzed Network. Here is a list of actions that administrators can take :

  • Edit Organization Profile and change logo and organization description
  • Manage Members – Approve memberships if Network is setup to approve membership. See history of a members group participation in Fuzed. Remove a member from the Fuzed Network
  • Manage Content Specify if content moderation rules apply for content shared in the Public News Feed. Also specify if content shared in the Public News Feed has sharing capabilities.
  • Manage GroupsSee group activity for any groups, active members and choose to make a group inactive. Inactive groups are closed for further collaboration. Auto create groups and members by uploading an Excel spreadsheet
  • Manage LicensingApply for new licenses. Analyze current usage. End session for any member. Specify auto logout rules
  • AppsManage apps that members of the Fuzed Network will be able to see and connect to in Fuzed
  • Fuzed AnalyticsAccess to analytics for the entire Fuzed Network
  • Fuzed MarketingCreate marketing campaigns and target specific members or communities with specific ads

Managing members in Fuzed

License management in Fuzed

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