Meet The Team

  • Raheel Retiwalla, Founder and CEO

    As Founder and CEO of Fuzed, Raheel is responsible for the company’s strategic direction, planning and execution. He has over 15 years of experience working with enterprise software in many capacities. Prior to Fuzed, he was the CTO for Clearway Technology Partners leading the Business Intelligence consulting practice. Prior to Clearway, Raheel held multiple roles at Microsoft including Senior Product Manager for SQL Server and as Technology Specialist for Microsoft’s Data Platform and Business Intelligence solutions. Raheel started his career with Unisys Corporation where he was involved in some of the largest data warehousing deployments on Microsoft SQL Server at the time.

    Raheel holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance and Management Information from Albany State University. Any moment he can, Raheel loves becoming a kid again with his two sons. You can connect with Raheel on Twitter or LinkedIn.

  • Julia Manley, General Manager, UK

    Julia has spent over 15 years connecting people and information, with an emphasis on Customer Success and Corporate Improvement. A career spent promoting and delivering revolutionary technologies which quickly became standard in every corporate.

    With the emergence of Social as a major force for growing business and understanding customer requirements, Julia sees Fuzed as the final piece in the jigsaw for full and complete collaboration.

    From Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Sales Force Automation (SFA) to Business Intelligence (BI) and Customer Performance Management (CPM) Julia has worked with many of the acronyms that have enriched and empowered every successful business and their customers.
    Her aim is for Fuzed to be the Industry Standard for Social Enterprise Networks (SEN) and Knowledge Management (KM)!

    When not in London, or across the country meeting empowered business’, Julia is based in beautiful Oxfordshire, where she makes the most of the countryside, often on 4 legs.

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